Formosa Hotel – Batam Island, Indonesia

The location of Formosa Hotel is ideal for travelers heading to the center of Nagoya town in Batam. Formosa Hotel is situated at No. A8 City Plaza Nagoya, Batam Island in Indonesia. For those who does not know where is Batam Island, it is situated south of Singapore. Batam island is easily accessible by an hour ferry ride from Harbour Front in Singapore.

Formosa Hotel is not a new hotel but it is still a comfortable place to stay in Batam. I would rate this hotel as perhaps a 3 Star hotel. There is no swimming pool or garden where you can enjoy. Everything seems a slightly compact in size. The frontage of the hotel and car park is small. The front reception counter and the lobby is compact. It has a small coffee house also on the ground level. There is a health center where you can get a massage; and a KTV center at the top floor. The KTV center has quite a number of KTV rooms as well as hostesses.

I have stay in this hotel on numerous occasions, and I find that checking in at the reception counter is always very efficient and fast. Many Singaporeans stay in this hotel and that is why the hotel also quote its room rate in Singapre Dollars. You can also pay in Singapore dollars or Rupiah. All major credit cards are also acceptable. Personally, I think the staff at this hotel is well trained and polite; a definitive plus factor.

There are 2 lifts in this hotel that can bring you to your room. I find that the lifts are rather slow but spacious. After landing at the designated floor, finding your room make take some effort for some people. The floor consists of main corridors and sub corridors that lead to rows and rows of rooms. Sometimes you feel as though you are in a maze. Perhaps the management of this hotel could consider putting up more signages or direction boards to help customers to identify their rooms quickly.

I have wrote earlier that everything seems to be compact in size on the ground floor. Luckily for the rooms, it is not compact. In fact I find the room quite spacious in size like most 4 star hotels that I have stayed. The floor is entirely carpeted, the air-conditioned is strong and the bathroom is also spacious. The room even has a mini fridge and a kettle. So having you favourite hot or cold beverages is now easy. Of course, there is also a TV with multi channels. The windows of the rooms either have the view of the main road or the side or back view of Lucky Plaza mall. Surprisingly the rooms that I have stayed in numerous occasions are quiet.

Getting your daily meals whether lunch or dinner is absolutely a easy thing to do. You can eat at the numerous food outlets or restaruants in Lucky Plaza or Centerpoint Mall. Or alternatively you can try eating at the numerous coffee shops that are located nearby this hotel. Shopping is also a breeze, as there is many shops at the 2 malls. Everything that you need seems to be just around the corner.

I like Formosa hotel for its prime location, the close proximity to malls and food outlets. I like the rooms which is clean and well maintained. Also I think the staff of this hotel is efficient in getting things done. Overall, Formosa Hotel is a great place to stay.

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