Guide to Factory Outlets in Bandung

Bandung is well known for its numerous factory outlets that is spread throughout its city. Every weekend and holidays, you can see many Indonesians flocking to Bandung for shopping and to unwind. From Jakarta, you can fly to Bandung by air, take a train ride from Gambir station or alternatively drive or hire a vehicle take will pass through the toll highway, reaching Bandung in approximately 3 hours.

There are many factory outlets located in different areas in the city. So where should you go? If you are new to Bandung, these are my personal recommendations. The first place that you can go is Rumah Mode. It is a very popular and well known factory outlet in Bandung. I liked it because it has a nice ambiance. The entire place looks like a Balinese and Java style village. Even if you do not like shopping for clothes, you can still sit in the cafe and relax – while your wife or girlfriend does her shopping. There are a wide selection of international branded clothes on sale. It seems that the ladies department is the largest. There are of course gents and kids department as well.

As I was there on Sunday, it was packed with shoppers. I saw more local Indonesians than tourists and definitely it is a ladies paradise. Merchandise is well stocked and neatly placed in bins or racks. The floor area is well organized and clean. There were sufficient staff to assist you if you need help. As for the food outlets, I took my dinner at the cafe. The place looks rather dim (perhaps it was in the night and there were candlelights) and warm lights on the ceiling. It is a cosy cafe, with warm wood decor and a fountain and pond filled with koi fishes.

When you are done shopping at Rumah Mode and still have the energy to visit more factory outlets, there are more outlets to visit. Just walked out of Rumah Mode and and you can see the main street. On the main street, turn LEFT and keep walking. In less than 3 minutes, you can see a factory outlet called Mode Plus. If you keep walking straight, there is another outlet called Natural Factory Outlet. Keep walking straight for a few minutes, you can see House of Donatello. Now the House of Donatello is an outlet that sells shoes and handbags. It is filled with so many shoes and leather wallets and bags that you are literally filled with unlimited choices. I must say some of designs are really good. Do make a point to visit this outlet as well. All these outlets are situated very close to Rumah Mode. By the way, Rumah Mode is located at 41 Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi.

Another location which I liked to introduce is Jl. Cihampelas. This place is also known as “Jean Street”. It is a stretch of narrow road that are filled with factory outlets. If you asked a taxi driver to take you to Jl. Cihmapelas and he asked you where you would liked to alight, you can tell him at Premier Plaza or Rambo. What Rambo you may asked? Once you reached the destination, you can see a huge replica of Rambo – you can’t missed it. It is in fact a factory outlet store and just directly opposite this store is Premier Plaza and Aston Tropicana Hotel. The Aston hotel is beautiful and comfortable hotel. I will try it out ( stay at the hotel) and write a review the next time I visit Bandung. Premier Plaza which is next to Aston Hotel has Giant Supermarket as the anchor tenant. There are also food outlets that you can sit and have your lunch or drinks after shopping.Jl. Cihampelas is a long and narrow road. It is always congested with heavy traffic. So if you want to cross the road, the only way is to open your eyes and dash across. You could put up your hand to signal ‘Stop’ while crossing the road and most vehicles will slow down for you. There are so many outlets selling clothes, bags and accessories that surely you can find something that you fancy. I bought a couple of T-shirts for less than US$5/- each. Each outlet has it own design and layout which makes shopping for fun. Jl. Cihampelas is a good choice for shopping if you can withstand the narrow, polluted and congested road. If you have the patience and can take some heat – you will like it here.

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