Fanta & Sprite In Indonesia

Normally when checking in into a hotel, most hotel will provide complimentary tea/coffee sachets and mineral water as a standard service to customers. There are some hotels that provided me with baskets of fruits and chocolates. This is thoughtful, as it means that the hotel do make an effort to reward its customers.

Recently when I was checking in into a hotel, the hotel give me 2 bottles of soft drinks. They are namely Fanta and Sprite. What surprises me was that they are in glass bottles of 200ml. I have not seen Fanta and Sprite in glass bottle for years. It was really a pleasant surprise. Straight away it brought back fond memories of myself as a kid – the young man who had enjoyed these carbonated drinks from glass bottles.

Fanta is a carbonated fruity drinks that has been around for years. It is from the Coca Cola company and the target customers are mostly the young and teens. It comes in fruity flavors of grapes, orange, strawberry and I was told in some countries there is also pineapple flavor. I have tasted all except the pineapple flavor. I just wonder where I could get Fanta in pineapple? Most of the time, you can buy Fanta in the form of cans or plastic bottles. So I was delighted to see it in a small glass bottle. I consider the content of 200ml in the bottle as an adequate volume for me. The strawberry flavor Fanta tastes sweet and bubbly. I think the taste has not change much throughout these years, which is a good thing. After all, it was a favorite drinks for many kids many years ago and it is still popular with many Indonesian kids right now.

Sprite is another of my favorite drink. The competitor of Sprite is of 7up. Sprite is also produced by the Coca Cola company. Sprite is a lemon lime flavor carbonated drink that also taste sweet and bubbly. However, the content of Sprite is crystal clear – unlike Fanta which is colorful. Sprite is best enjoy cold especially on a hot day. Personally, I find Sprite as a enjoyable thirst quenching carbonated drink. The glass bottle of Sprite is colored in dark green which perhaps is a representation of lime or lemon.

So there it was, 2 delicious carbonated drinks in a beautiful glass bottles. Did I finished it? You bet – it was definitely enjoyable. I regret however of not bringing the empty bottles back to my home. I forgot about it. I wanted to keep it as a momentos. Next time when I do see it again in glass bottles I will buy it and bring it home with the content intact.

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