Wood Carvings in Indonesia

Whenever I am in a store or gallery that displayed art, pictures, paintings or wood carving statues, I will take some time to browse through the works. Most of the art works that I have seen shows a reflection of the cultures and people of Indonesia.

I am particularly amazed at the display of wood carvings in Indonesia. Taking a block of wood and turning it into a beautiful art piece is really amazing to me. Wood carvings can indeed brings out the emotions in us when we appreciate the beauty of the art piece. Perhaps that is the reason why so many tourists coming into Indonesia would buy them and take it home.

The art of wood carvings in Indonesia has been handed down from one generation to the next. It is in central Java – Bali and Jepara; that the art of wood carvings thrives. Most of the work that you see are ornamental, statues of men and women, animals, mythological animals, jewel boxes, puppets and antique furniture. So there is a wide spectrum of works that you can see and appreciate.

Basically there are a few types of wood that are being used. You have the soft white wood – Belalu, which is cheap and is normally used to carve out for wooden toys or small souvenirs. Hard wood such as the crocodile wood which is white in color and the rain tree (Suar wood ) which is type of brown hard work, are also commonly used. However you seldom see Teak being used. This is because it is very expensive. Teak is regarded as a “Royal” or King of all woods. It is a real beauty and can last for generations.

Statutes of wood carvings in Indonesia are popular among tourists. Examples are statutes of Javanese woman, man or couples. You can see it in the photos here as well as in my website. For myself, I like statutes of Javanese woman, especially when they are dressed up in their traditional costumes. They look beautiful when you displayed them in your living room.

So the next time if you are in Indonesia, take some time to view some wood carvings. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Prices of wood carvings are rather subjective. There are large stores that sells them on fixed prices and there also small vendors on the streets where bargaining is the norm.

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