Batam City Square Mall – BCS Batam

A friend of mine was asking me where is Batam City Square Mall or BCS in short. So I have decided to post this blog to provide some information for those who are keen in visiting this Mall.


BCS is located in Penuin area in Batam. If you intend to stay in that area, one of the hotel that you can stay is the Hotel 89. This is a 155 rooms hotel which is close to BCS. If you are walking to BCS, I would say it takes approx 20 minutes from the hotel. Besides the BCS mall, there is another old mall called the Plaza Top 100 which is also nearby.


BCS is not a new mall but it has its own unique identity which makes it attractive to shoppers to visit this mall.  In this mall, you can see lots of small retail shops selling all kinds of merchandise. You are also spoilt for choice if you are hungry, as there are numerous food outlets. I would say that this mall is self contained and complete.. There are stores that sell clothes, cellphones, electrical and electronic gadgets, toys, saloon and massage, amusement center, jewelery and much more.


In my opinion, BCS mall seems to have a worn out look. Perhaps it is time for the management of this mall to consider a major renovation to brighten up and upgrade this mall. But most malls in Indonesia do not engage in self renewal or upgrade which is unfortunate. I have see many malls in Indonesia simply fade away when new malls are built.


Over the weekends, you can see quite a number of Singaporeans as well as the local chinese Indonesians coming to this mall. But during the weekdays, this mall is relatively quiet. If you are residing in Penuin, then this mall is the place to go for shopping. This mall also has a spacious atrium at the ground floor where events are being held. When I was there, there was an exhibition cum event on Buddhism being held at the atrium during the Vesak Day celebration.

So is the BCS mall worth visiting? Yes, if you have the time to spare. You can spend a couple of hours shopping and having a good meal at this mall. Perhaps another hour for haircut or manicure or massage. Taxis are readily available just outside the mall if you are carrying lots of shopping bags or just want a ride back to your hotel.

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