Durian – Asians’ Favorite Fruit

When the durian season arrives, you can lots of fruit stalls and supermarkets selling this King of  Tropical Fruits. Durian are produced in Indonesia, Thailand Brunei and Malaysia. In my opinion, the best durian are from Johor Malaysia. There are so many types of durian that most consumers are confused.  Some of these have weird names like D24, D13, XO durian, Mao Shan Wang etc.  When there is a good harvest, the durian prices will fall to as low as $1/- for a small normal durian ( these are durians with no fancy names ) , and are placed together in large baskets.


Durian is not my favorite fruit though it may be known as the King of Tropical Fruits. But I do eat them if there is someone who is there to share the meal with me. I am not able to finish eating a single durian by myself. Customers have  their peculiar ways to choose a good durian. Some people will shake it, smell it or do both, while others may pick it up and exam it like a expert. For myself, I simply asked the durian seller to choose a good durian and he will choose one and open it up for me to see.  My budget is normally about $8/- to $15/- per durian. I like those durian that are not so sweet and with a slight bitterness in taste. I understand from one seller that these durian are from Pahang Malaysia.


It is well known that durian is a heaty fruit. It is also a fruit which contains a high amount of sugar, fats, fiber and protein. Some even swear that it is an aphrodisiac fruit. No wonder so many older men love it. I understand that durian should be consumed in moderation for those who are suffering from high blood pressure.  I do know that after consuming durian, I do experience a mild hangover effect on my head. But friends tell me that it may be due to the warmth effect of this fruit on my body and advise me to take more cooling fruits like water melon or drink Chinese tea.


If you are not able to consume the durian fruit, there are now many products that are made from durian. There are durian flavor cakes, biscuits, candies, ice cream, milk shakes and drinks. But nothing can beat the real thing – that of eating a durian. I notice that there are now fruit stalls that sells durian where they now provide tables and chairs for customers who can pick the durian and eat it on the spot. I choose to eat it at the durian stall because it is convenient to do so; and specifically telling the stall owner that I am consuming it here, he will choose a good durian for me.


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