Online Surveys that Pay You Money

I remember a few years ago when I first started on internet marketing and blogging, I was also browsing on the web looking for any simple tasks that I could do that pays me money. One of the thing that I stumbled upon was online surveys. I saw that there are quite a number of survey websites that promised big and easy money for participating in surveys. But there was a catch of course – I have to pay these so called companies money first before I was allowed into the club membership to participate in these lucrative surveys. Or other websites would want you to pay them first before they reveal to me the name of the survey companies that I could joined to earn money.

I was not prepared to pay money to any of these websites that promised big and easy money for online surveys simply because I was skeptical. There were too many websites in the internet where the sole purpose of their activities was to scam the public. So I continued on my own to search for legitimate survey companies that were free to join and pay me for my time in participating their online surveys. I finally found 2 such survey companies, and if you interested in trying them out, just follow the link below to my blog which I have wrote on this matter –

Making Money from Online Surveys

Below is a portion of a email that a survey company sent to me when I have sufficient points to redeem it for cash. How much money you could make would depend on how many surveys you have completed successfully. For this survey company, the minimum sum for the cheque that I received was about RP420,000 – not bad for something that you can do at home leisurely at your own pace.

Hi Kuan,

We have received your request to redeem 1000 MarketPoints. You’ve been working hard and we really appreciate it!

You will receive a check in your local currency within 4-6 weeks if you live in the United States, and within 6-8 weeks if you live outside the U.S. We appreciate your patience while your check is processed and mailed to you.

So go ahead and try it out if you can keen on making some extra cash at the comfort of your home with online surveys.  Your kids can also joined in too if they are at least 14 years old for some survey companies. For your convenience, here is the link to my blog regarding joining online survey companies that pay you money –

Making Money from Online Surveys