Plaza Indonesia

I took a slow walk from my hotel to Plaza Indonesia. As I approached close to the mall, the first object that caught my eyes is the traffic circle (roundabout) with fountain jetting out cool water into the air. Traffic was very heavy but moving very smoothly.

Plaza Indonesia sits on the prime land overlooking this famous traffic roundabout. And as though not to be outdone by the fountain at the traffic roundabout, it has its own water features as well. Water cascading down from 3 levels of walls and also fountains. The surrounding is like a mini garden. Besides it, a huge sign – Grand Hyatt Jakarta. An upmarket mall combined with a upmarket hotel. A perfect synergy.

Plaza Indonesia is not a new mall but it still manage to retain its grandeur and importance. It draws its strength from its prime location. Opposite the mall is the Nikko hotel. The Japanese embassy and Hard Rock cafe /ex. is just 5-10 minutes walk away. Also close by is the Ascott and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Seriously, how can any malls in Jakarta compete with that?

This is the mall where you can see lots of tourists, Japanese and Chinese. There are of course local Indonesians as well. Metro and Sogo are the main tenants of this mall. There are many specialty stores here, especially those international designer brands from Europe and America.

If you are hungry, the are plenty of restaurants and coffee joints to choose. There is a restaurant that is located at the concourse itself. It is an open concept with trees lining up on two sides. Very unique indeed. The food court is located at the basement. However avoid going there on lunch or dinner hours, as seating capacity is limited.

One of my favorite store is in fact a snack shop called Snack Zone. They have so many variety of snacks and candies – it is fascinating. The snacks taste good and it is not expensive at all. There is also a store that sells beautiful flowers and plants. It is also located at the basement. Must see.

Plaza Indonesia is perfect for Shoppers looking for famous branded merchandise. For myself, I do not belong to the rich nor famous category. But I still do enjoy coming here to gaze at the beautiful merchandise and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

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